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Mrs. Beatrice France mother of W.Wright It all started over a century ago with Mrs Beatrice France or 'Beattie' as she was nicknamed.

At 13 she started as an errand girl for a little mester in the city of Sheffield. Before long she was promoted to a buffer girl polishing cutlery in preparation for silver plating. It was a job she held for 72 years! She eventually became the little mester of a Sidney Street workshop and with that W.Wright was born.

The W.Wright was William Wright, Beattie's son, who inherited the business from her when she was 85. Beattie's grandson Stephen is now the owner. He has managed the business for the last 22 years. As well as his own skills and expertise Stephen has used to good effect the knowledge he received from his father and grandmother.

As a small, family run business we try to remember where we have come from. Today, W.Wright is strikingly different to those early times. We have developed a broad range of products and formed close partnerships with some of the leading tableware manufacturers. Distinguished hotels and restaurants the world over depend on our services. And we are constantly looking to the future and how we can preserve our traditions whilst still being relevant to modern requirements.

Some things though will never change. Our craftsmanship, attention to detail and quality all remain the same. We hand finish every item of silverware that we produce. And we're still based in the heart of Sheffield, less than 2 miles from the Sidney Street workshop where it all began so many years ago.